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- Daphne Odora -

Daphne will always hold a special place in my heart and I will never forget the first time I smelled its sweet scent. It will forever remind me of the early days of dating my husband and visiting his childhood home. My in-laws have a beautiful daphne bush at their front door that greets their visitors.

Not only is Daphne a sentimental flower, but it is also one of my favorite perennials to work with as a cut flower. It has a tremendous vase life and the scent lasts for several days. I love to keep a vase of it on my nightstand and wake up to its gentle perfume and pearlescent blooms each morning.

As we wait for our summer blooms and our flower stand's next opening, I’m happy to offer a limited number of Daphne bud vases. Message me for details or if you have any questions.

I’m always happy to help share my love of flowers with you!

- Daphne Odora Resources & Links -

Where to purchase a plant of your own? We love Yangs Nusery here in Gig Harbor. Always call ahead to check availability. They also sell a winter blooming Daphne so you can enjoy it in the dreariest of months.

I have yet to find a Daphne scented perfume that I like but I took a chance and ordered a sample of this one with high hopes. I'll let you know my thoughts once I try it.

This shop sells beautiful (and plantable!) thank you cards and Daphne stationary. So gorgeous!

This link is a great resource to learn more.

Daphne pairs well with: Phlox, Roses, Campanula, Peonies, Love in a Mist, Dusty Miller


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